Once any offer has been made on your property, Redwell Estates will always establish the ability of the buyer and find out how quickly they can proceed.

We will investigate the background of your buyer which will include details such as chain details, their financial details (where their money is coming from to pay for your property), the estimated timescale of the buyer and chain that they may be involved with and whether any surveys have been carried out. Once we know this information we will be in a position to present both the details and the offer to you, this will allow you to make an informed decision based upon the facts as to whether the offer is acceptable.

Once an agreement has been made and an offer has been accepted, solicitors will be informed and the sale process will begin. Redwell Estates will monitor the progress of the sale and chain over the course of the transaction just in case your solicitor needs our help. It is your solicitor’s duty to keep you updated of the progress being made. It may be prudent to ask for a weekly update from your solicitors so that you remain aware of progress.


Congratulations! You now know what date you are moving! Once you have exchanged contracts your sale or purchase becomes legally binding and you will know your completion date.


Call your removal company and ask for advice and information about packing your goods and ask them to deliver any packing boxes that are required. This should be at least a week before you move.

Arrange for insurance on your new home at exchange of contracts, but do not cancel the insurance on your present property until completion. Redwell Estates can provide quotes for any insurance needed.

Take these for your Gas, Electric and Water supplies and arrange disconnection of these services.

Telephone line, broadband, Television/ Sky needs to be transferred to your new address, especially if you are keeping your present telephone number.

Speak to the local authority about cancelling your Council Tax and providing them your new address. You should advise the Rother District Council of your move within twenty one days.

Arrange for a plumber and an electrician to call to disconnect any cookers, washing machines and dishwashers to help you move. Redwell Estates can provide names of tradesmen where required.

Contact the Post Office and get your mail redirected to your new address. This is advisable and can be done over a set period.

Check with your solicitors first as you may have agreed to leave certain items, however it is customary to leave carpets and floor fittings, light fittings, light bulbs and TV aerials.

If the property you are selling is left empty during the winter months between the beginning of the sales transaction and especially after exchange of contracts and before completion, Redwell Estates highly recommend you ask a plumber to drain the water system to avoid any damage caused by freezing pipes. Alternatively, you should leave the heating on if it is empty for a short period of time to keep the chill off the property.

If the property has been unoccupied, South East Water may have disconnected and locked the water supply at the boundary stop cock. If this is the case, please telephone South East Water and give them details of the address and moving date so that water can be reconnected to the property.

Apart from friends, the following is a suggested list of people and companies who may need to know of your change of address. Employers, Inland revenue, Schools, Professional clubs, Subscriptions, Doctors, Dentist, Opticians, Bank, Insurance Companies, Rother District Council, Credit cards, DLVA and Television Licence. This list is by no means an exhaustive one but will hopefully serve as a checklist.

  • ONE WEEK BEFORE: Confirm the date and time with the removal company, cancel newspapers and milk if it is still being delivered. Arrange care for any pets, send change of address cards and arrange for re-direction of your mail.
  • ONE DAY BEFORE: Pack overnight essentials; keep your cash, credit cards etc handy. Prepare a home move box and fill it with tea, coffee, sugar, milk, kettle, cups, toilet paper, washing up bowl, detergent and bleach, disinfectant, dustpan and brush, broom, mop and bucket, bin liners, light bulbs, basic tools and bits and pieces.
  • KEYS: Your solicitor will advise you about the arrangement for handing over keys on the day of completion, but it is often convenient to leave one key with Redwell Estates a day or two before completion. The remainder can be left in a drawer in the kitchen. This should save time on moving day. We will not hand over any keys to your buyer until we receive instructions from your solicitors. Please note if completion does not take place before 1pm then it will not take place until after 2pm due to any break periods observed by solicitors or other parties involved.
  • INSTRUCTION MANUALS: For the convenience of your buyer, please leave any instruction manuals for any appliances left and notes on how to operate the central heating system. It is also helpful to leave information such as the day of the refuse collection. It would also be useful to leave your forwarding address for any post to be forwarded.